• New points record in the iRacing FR3.5 series

    New points record in the iRacing FR3.5 series

    Tim Delisle wins his third consecutive official season of the iRacing Formula Renault 3.5 series. In this occasion, Season 2/2020, Tim set a new points record, scoring 2100 points in his best 8 races. This fantastic result was completed by Read More
  • Full podium in the SoF! 1-2-3!

    Full podium in the SoF! 1-2-3!

    Excellent iRacing Formula Renault 3.5 season so far for our team. Tim Delisle has won the last two official seasons, but it is not enough for him! Greg Olson, José Pleguezuelos and Lubomir Moric are also competing and this season Read More
  • Another win in a Porsche event in Brazil!

    Another win in a Porsche event in Brazil!

    An other Porsche Event in Brazil, ANOTHER WIN!!! Congrats Erick Goldner for the consistent and fast performance this last Thursday! 40 drivers took place on the grid, 25 invited simracers and 15 real drivers... and we won!!! Besides the result, Read More
  • Recovering our identity!

    Recovering our identity!

    After two great years of collaboration wit hthe University Isabel I, we return to our corporate colors. We plan to keep doing collaborations with the University and other institutions, but during these 7 years of existence we have built a Read More
  • PSR reaches another World Championship with Jeff Giassi in P2 in the Porsche Esports Supercar

    PSR reaches another World Championship with Jeff Giassi in P2 in the Porsche Esports Supercar

    We are back with the final qualifying rounds of this second edition of the Porsche Esports Supercup, where we have seen the performance of thousands of the best virtual drivers over the world. The qualifiers will concludes on March 2, Read More
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iRacing Rally Cross World Championship. Pre-championship Interview

UI1-Positive SimRacing debuts this weekend in the in the iRacing Rally Cross World Championship. The World Cup will give a huge visibility to the team and the sponsors.  We managed to have two drivers among the the top 24 in the world. The championship stablish $25,000 in prize money among the top 10 drivers. The winner will receive $10,000 in cash.

Our two drivers are Otto Taskinen and Dani Mitrani. Otto is a Finn with impressive skills behind the wheel, who finished third in the qualifying series and who can be the rookie of the year. Dani Mitrani is a Spaniard who has made himself a place among the best in the world thanks to his exceptional qualities for Rally Cross. Both will compete with the digital version of the Subaru WRX STI, a car of almost 600 hp and with an even more impressive torque (800 N·m), which accelerates from 0 – 100 in times less than 2 seconds.

The championship can be followed followed every Saturday in twitch.tv/iracing, at 17:45 GMT.

For the audience, it is an impressive discipline: very short, explosive races, on very twisted circuits, with asphalt parts and part of the dirt, with jumps... and with the obligation to make a Joker lap during the race, i.e. take a detour on one of the laps, which can be a shortcut or a longer path.

Interview to our two drivers

Otto, The Rally Cross is a new series in the UI1-Positive SimRacing team. In less than one year you reached the WC. What were the keys of the success? And… How difficult was it, compared to other more experienced teams?

It’s just really hard work, and biggest thing is that, when you do training, you need to think where you can improve. If you just drive using same lines, brake marks, brake pressure etc all the time, you will never became fast. It’s just hard work and testing everything possible, which can make your quicker.

Dani, Rally cross is not a very popular series in motorsport in Spain, How did you decide to practice it and how difficult is to be among the top 24 drivers in the world, taking part in the world championship?
True, the Rally Cross series is not as popular in Spain as it is in other countries, such as UK or Finland where there is a lot of tradition. Here, we are more familiar to rallies: But as soon as the discipline reached iRacing, I fallen in love with the handling of the 4x4 and the short races. Qualifying for the World Championship is like a dream come true. The qualifiers have been very complicated this year, and I am very happy to achieve it. Several excellent drivers have couldn’t do it.

Otto, You did an excellent qualifying series, finishing in P3. How do you expect to perform in this first participation in the World Championship? Is experience a key factor to succeed?
First round will be quite big mystery. I think top 15 drivers will be under 0,30 seconds gap between laptimes.. Atlanta is one of my favourite tracks and my pace should be enough to fight for the podium, but its really small gap between drivers, so anything can happen.

Dani, there are several drivers in the WC that are already racing in real Rally Cross series. Do you expect to be at their level or even beat them in the iRacing WC?
To be honest, I find myself a step behind the top drivers of the series, but I have always tried to have enough pace to be able to take advantage of any circumstance. In Rally Cross there are contacts and fights that slow down the overall pace. Therefore, if you manage to keep a steady pace, you can achieve good results. I wish I could fight for victories, but my goal now is to get into the final races. We have Otto to fight for podiums and hopefully the team can achieve good results in some races. This year the championship has an awesome level. A lot of excitement is ensured.


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