IV iSCE de MundoGT. Round 3/6 Half Season

The IV Teams' Supercompeticion of MundoGT reached the half of the season after three rounds in Mid Ohio, Barber Motorsports, and Twin Ring Motegi. Positive SimRacing maintains a fight with the team Chrono SimRacers, which finished in this race with a double podium. The third and the fourth positions were for the Positive SimRacing drivers Andrés Quintana and Iván Fernández.

Official Web and standings: Mundogt.es

Race Broadcast (Spanish)


Cronos Simracers Drivers took the two first positions after the start.

Andrés Quintana and Iván Fernández with the PSR car. 

Iván Fernández defending the P4.

Kevin Adam was the third PSR driver on track.

Andrés Quintana tried an undercut with his pit stop.

However, Andrés found traffic in his exit lap, after the pit stop.

Iván Fernández.

Iván recovers P4 in the last part of the race.