PSR in the ApexRacing TV broadcasts of iGrand Prix Series

Apex Racing TV has aired sim racing broadcasts for 5 years across all platforms. As they state in their web page, it’s their passion "to drive sim racing into the eSports arena". Apex Racing TV produces excellent weekly broadcasts of the Sunday races of the iRacing Grand Prix Series. The bradcasts can be seen in the following link:

Positive SimRacing takes part in these broadcasts races with Ruslan Sabitov, Manuel Domingo, Vladimir Ozeretskovskiy, and eventually other drivers including Diogo Oliveira (who is actually taking part in the World Championship of these GP series). Races are broadcasted every Sunday at 12:00 GMT (14:00 CET). However, race times may be changed if there is a coincidence with the FIA Formula 1 official schedules.

Manuel Domingo during the last race at Zandvoort.

Ruslan Sabitov.

Ruslan Sabitov is completing a good season. In this race, Ruslan finished close to the podium.

The previous round took place in Spa Francorchamps. Manuel Doumingo and Vladimir Ozeretskovskiy started in P2 and P3, respectively.

Vladimir tooks the lead with Manuel Domingo in P2.

Nice but safe battle between team mates to win the race. 

Manuel Domingo finally won the race, after an accident of Vladimir at 3 laps to the end.

 First victory of a PSR car in the broadcasts of Apex Racing TV in 2016.