Z1 Dashoard 4.7.0 User's Manual in Spanish by PSR

We are proud of presenting the Spanish version of the Z1 Dashboard User's Guide.

Positive SimRacing is proud of presenting the Usert's Guide in Spanish for the last version (4.7.0) of Z1 Dashboard. This Manual compiles and translates all the information available at http://www.z1simwheel.com/dashboard/manual/index.cfm. The Manual includes information related to the software Z1 Dashboard, Z1 Server and Z1 Analyzer, the full suite of applications for managing dashboards and telemetry, which can be used with several sims, including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, and rfactor2.

This new version of the Manual includes all the new software features and much more: links to video-tutorials and some "Positive SimRacing Notes", which give some tips on how we use the software.

Click on the image below to download the manual in Spanish or click here to access to the English Version

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