iRacing Road Pro Series. Rounds 1 & 2 Recap

After the two first rounds of the iRacing Road Pro Series, Positive SimRacing maintains 3 of the 4 drivers in the top 20. This is one of the most objective conclusions that can be made in a  very complex competition, which has been also interesting by other facts. 

Among those interesting facts, one of the most relevant is perhaps the outstanding 'Strength of Field' (SoF) of the first split. The two first rounds of the iRacing ProSeries had a grid of 35 drivers with a SoF of 6040 and 5905, respectively. This level is comparable to the World Championship (e.g., with SoF of 6163 in the last round). Such a high SoF in Pro Series has made also a very competitive second split, and a mix of drivers from split 1 and 2 in the drivers' standings.  

Another aspect, which has had an important impact on the standings, have been the (expected) race incidents. Several good drivers, even favorites, have had problems with net code (connection issues) or race incidents.  One of them was the Positive Simracing driver Fernando Guerrero, who couldn't finish the first race. This is not a critical issue, as one of the 6 first races of the series will be dropped, but these drivers can't have any other bad result until the end of the championship. 

The first round of the iRacing Road Pro Series took place in the circuit of Interlagos. As it was mentioned before, Fernando Guerrero couldn't finish the race. It was also a difficult race for Daniel Bida, who raced in the second split and had to stop for repairs in lap 1, finding himself racing at the very last positions. Daniel made a superb race, with a lot of overtaking, to finish very close to the top 10. Manuel Domingo and Ruslan were also racing in the second split, although they were always in the top positions. Ruslan finished in P7 and Manuel in P11, after a small mistake. The good news for the team was the overall good pace of the drivers, and therefore the round concluded with mixed feelings, but with optimism for the next rounds. 

The second Round took place in the circuit of Gilles Villeneuve. This time, Fernando managed to finish in the top 10 of the first split, while Daniel, Manuel and Ruslan  raced again in the second split. Manuel and Daniel had again a very good pace, finishing in P5 and P7, respectively, Daniel almost matching the fasted lap of the race (1:16.705 for Daniel vs 1:16:677 of the fastest lap). Ruslan had to managed fuel consumption and finally finished in P12. 

In the Official driver standings without any dropped results, Manuel Domingo is now in P15, Daniel Bida in P17, and Ruslan Sabitov in P19. Only Top 20 will acquire a Pro license. With one dropped result, however, results would be very different, therefore it is a little bit soon to extract conclusions.

Images Round 1

Daniel (Blue), Manuel (Red) and Ruslan (Black) with the new colour schemes in the start of Round 1

Turn 1, Round 1. Three PSR cars

Ruslan overtaking in turn 4, interlagos

Another overtaking in the straight

Daniel Bida

Manuel Domingo entering in pits

Manuel Domingo

Ruslan Sabitov

Images Round 2

Fernando Managed to gain up to 10 positions in the first laps (first split of round 2)

Fernando Guerrero

The start of the second split, with three PSR cars 

Daniel, Manuel and Ruslan drive safely in the turn 2

Ruslan Sabitov in the last chicanne

Daniel and Manuel in the Turn2