PSR clinches the second Pro license in the 2016 iRacing Pro Series

The most impartial conclusion for Positive SimRacing after the 2016 iRacing Road Pro Series may be, perhaps, that Daniel Bida clinched a new Pro license for the team. Daniel finished in P16, with 1377 points and hence gaining one of the 10 pro licenses reserved for drivers finishing in positions P11 to P20. Ruslan Sabitov finished in P21, with 1188 points, only 4 points behind the last Pro license (Alex Bergeron, with 1192). It is important to note that 4 points means less than one overtake in 9 races, but that is sport! 

Daniel Bida (Imola, Round 8)

The team’s expectations for having another WCS driver were strongly founded in Fernando Guerrero, who was the winner of the Season 4 official series, and a driver with a pace and consistency far enough to be in the top 20. However, Fernando faced an extremely problematical championship for him, with several incidents, including net code. 

As opposed to previous editions of the iRacing Pro Series, this championship was not restricted to the top drivers of the precedent seasons of the iRacing Grand Prix Series. This new scheme with an “open” championship implied that a lot of drivers with a high iRating but low experience with the car, took part in the first rounds. As a consequence, drivers with a high iRating, such as Fernando Guerrero (6324), faced a very complicated championship. 

Based on the results achieved in the 2016 official seasons of the iRacing Grand Prix Series, Positive SimRacing expected to finish with, at least, two drivers among the top 20. However, and despite the unexpected final place of Fernando Guerrero (out of the top 20), the team was satisfied with its overall performance, with Daniel finishing in the top 20, and Ruslan only 4 points below the threshold. This result is encouraging for preparing the next opportunity.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Diogo will represent PSR in the 2017 WCS. 

Ruslan made a great last round in Nurburgring

Fernando couldn't show his pace in this championship