Positive SimRacing Wins its First International Championship

Positive SimRacing drivers Arjan de Vreede and Paul Malokas finished in P1 and P2 in the 2017 Skip Barber 2K World Cup, completing an outstanding season and wining the first international championship for the team.

Since its creation in 2012, Positive SimRacing has progressively improved and consolidated in the international scene, particularly with open wheels. In 2015, PSR launched a Skip Barber section to participate in one of the most prestigious world championships: the Skip Barber 2K World Cup. After excellent results in previous seasons, with several top 10, and two podiums, Positive SimRacing reached the most important milestone since its establishment: wining an international championship.  In this season, PSR won 7 out of the 13 rounds of the championship (3 victories for Arjan de Vreede, 3 for Paul Malokas and 1 for Brian Doell). 


The last round

Two drivers of Positive SimRacing arrived to the last round of the championshipwith possibilities for winning the championship, and with a relatively comfortable advantage: Arjan de Vreede (395 points) and Paul Malokas (388). Both were ahead of Philippe Leybaert (the last winner of the 2K World Cup, and one of the most prominent drivers, with 363 points). 

Arjan clinched the pole and some extra bonus points. Therefore, Paul (starting in P4) was forced to win, while Arjan could be a little bit more conservative.  In Lap 2, Arjan and Paul were fighting for the lead and Paul took the lead in Lap 3. Paul pulled away scoring additional bonus points for leading laps, but a caution flag with a safety car in lap 4 made even a more interesting scenario. 

Arjan took advantage of the safety car and leading the field in lap 7, with the strategy “the best defense is a good offense!”  But Paul recovered the firs position in the next lap, and lap after lap the two PSR drivers interchanged positions in the lead, thanks to the draft. 

In Lap 17 the emotion dramatically raised again, when Arjan received a slow down and lost two positions. Later, he found himself involved in a complicated entrance to the pit lane in his pit stop, where the fragile suspension of the car could be damaged, and where he lost some additional time.  

Paul also made the stop in that lap, but his pit entrance was very clean because he was leading the race. Paul took advantage of that, building a good gap in a virtual P1, while Arjan was then racing in P5. Situation was interesting, as Paul was scoring bonus points for the lead, but he needed more complications for Arjan, who was slowing down his pace in a safe P5-P4, and hence adopting a more conservative strategy to win the championship. Only in the final lap, Arjan overtook Johnny Guindy and Greg Seitz, to finish in the second position. Paul completed a perfect race, and he did everything he could to brilliantly finish in P1 with a 5.4 sec gap. 

With this result, Positive SimRacing won the championship with Arjan in P1, Paul in P2, and Brian Doell also in the top 10 (P6) of the standings.