Podium and a great result in the 24 hours of Le Mans

655 teams took part in the 2017 edition of the 24 h of Le Mans, which was not free of problems and controversy, as it frequently occurs in sports. 

Positive SimRacing presented 5 contenders to the race: 3 HPD (Blue, Green and Orange), and 2 Ferrari 488 GTE (Red and Yellow).  Positive SimRacing was the only team with three cars in the first split (the three HPD), while the two Ferrari were allocated in the second split. 

3 of our 5 cars completed the 24 h race, overcoming all the difficulties, disconnections, and our own fatigue. The Positive SimRacing HPD Blue finished in P3, securing the first podium of Positive SimRacing in a 24h race. The Positive SimRacing HPD Green finished in P4, after overcoming 5 disconnections during the race. The third car was the Positive SimRacing Ferrari Yellow, which finished in P4 of the second stint, meaning P11 of the overall GTE class. 

The start of the race was clean, but soon it was evident that the race would not be free of problems. Multiple disconnections affected to different cars, particularly GTE in the first split. Some drivers decide to retire, but PSR drivers decided to race y respect to sponsors and team fans. They overcome all the difficulties and disconnections, which affected similarly to most of the cars. 

Finally, the team finished with a brilliant P3 and P4, and the P11 of the Ferrari (P4 in the second split), this being the best result for the team in a 24 h race.


Start of the race

Positive SimRacing Blue

Positive SimRacing Orange DNF after an engine problem

In a 24 h pit stops and strategy were critical

The Positive SimRacing Ferrari in the track limits, defending the position

Our two cars on track