2017 World Championship GP Series Round 6. Silverstone

The two drivers of Positive SimRacing finished in P24 and P30, after a difficult race in Silverstone. Diogo didn't feel comfortable with the car in Silverstone, finishing in a modest P30, below his possibilities. Daniel Bida showed a good pace, and only in incident with F.Gobbi prevented him to finish in a better position and thus consolidating the top 30 in the drivers' standings. 

It could be said that the championship starts in Round 06 of 12 for Diogo Oliveira, who faced serious hardware problems during the firsts rounds of the championship. Finishing in the top 30 of the drivers' standings is still a challenge in the for both drivers, but Daniel is only 5 points away of the target. Diogo, on the other hand, needs about 25 points to close the gap, but he has scored 30 points under a very difficult conditions, exhibiting a good potential and all the team expect a great end of the season for him. 



Daniel and Diogo in the first laps of the race


Daniel in front of Balazs Remenyik




Diogo avoided an incident after Tomo Meglic lost the control of the car


Diogo Oliveira fighting for position


F. Gobbi and Daniel Bida incident


Diogo Struggled with the car, which prevented him to have a better result