24 h of Spa 2017. Two PSR cars complete the race in the top split

Two cars of Positive SimRacing took part in the top split of the 24 h of Spa. Once more, PSR was one of the few teams in the world with two teams in the top Split, and again the two car finished the race.

The race of the two PSR cars started well, thanks to a good pace under race conditions. The double top 10 and even a top 5 could be possible, but incidents with lapped cars required severe repairs. With several laps lost, and with cars not racing at 100%, the PSR drivers worked hard to bring both cars to the finish line. 

Although the final positions were not what we expected (P21 and P29 after an eventful race), all the team is extremely happy with the pace and the fact of finishing the race with the two cars.

>Incident at the start of the race, with minor consequences for our two cars. 

>Good pace for both PSR cars

PSR DDP Yellow in the top 10

PSR DDP Yellow overtakes to win the 5th position

P10 and P11, respectively, at the first stop.

>P5 now for PSR DDP Orange, with a different strategy


P9 and P10 after the first stops