Skip Barber 2K Worldcup 2017-2. Double victory for PSR

The second edition of the Skip Barber 2K World Cup 2017 completed the first 5 rounds; including a double event in the Silverstone circuit (Rounds 04 and 05) with victories for the PSR drivers Norbert Sulzer and Arjan de Vreede. 

Norbert was the last addition of Positive SimRacing, with the objective of defending the title clinched for the team by Arjan de Vreede in the last edition. After 5 rounds, three PSR drivers are in the top 10 of the championship, with Norbert and Arjan placed in P1 and P2. 

First race of the Silverstone event was a sprint race of only 4 laps, won by Norbert. The second race had a totally different history. An early safety car changed the fate of the race, as several drivers were involved in an incident during the restart. Norbert took advantage of the incident, exhibiting a great pace and opening a gap. Meanwhile, Arjan’s car was a bit damaged and he decided to make an early stop. Once Norbert made his stop, the gap between the two PSR drivers was around 1.5 seconds, without anybody challenging them for the victory. Finally, Arjan took the lead in the last lap, and he won the race. 

Brian Doell made again a consistent race, avoiding incidents. On the other hand, Paul Malokas was unintentionally involved in several fatal incidents in both races, despite his good pace. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything to avoid them.

The overall feeling of the team, for the last part of the season is very “Positive”. 

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'Caution' during the second race. Norbert Sulzer drives the green PSR car and Arjan de Vreede drives the Pink PSR car.

Restart of the race

The car of Paul Malokas was toched from behind

Brian Doell

Norbert and Arjan, the two PSR cars leading the race

Arjan takes the lead in the last lap