Positive Drivers Club

On February 18th, 2013, just 5 months after the creation of Positive SimRacing, the team presented its iRacing Division, starting a career in a simulator different from its origins in rFactor. It was not a start from scratch, since the división was launched under the management of one of the best experts in iRacing in Spain, Kevin Adam, and drivers including Andrés Quintana, Juan Prieto, Iván Fernández and Kepa Zabilde.

In 2015 Positive SimRacing decided a changed in the course, abandoning Formula SimRacing (and thus rFactor2) and focusing on iRacing, in the Project "PSR Road2Pro", with Fernando Guerrero leading a transition of the team to Formula 1 in iRacing. Later, the team was growing internationally, with increasingly competitive sections in Skip Barber and F1. Despite the progressive professionalization of some sections of PSR in the World Championship Grand Prix Series and the Skip Barber 2 K World Cup, it is an honor for Positive SimRacing that almost five years later, virtually the same group of drivers who started the forme ‘iRacing Division’ still remains linked to the team.

Among others, the palmares in Spanish championships, include:

      • Individual championship MundoGT, 2013. Position 1 (Andrés Quintana).
      • MundoGT. I ISCE (Team’s championship), 2014. 2nd place, Positive SimRacing.
      • XFinity Series MundoGT, 2016. Positions 1 and 3 (Manuel Sánchez and Kevin Adam).
      • MundoGT. I V ISCE – (Team’s Championship). 1st position. Positive SimRacing.

With the pride of having an exceptional group of drivers since the origin of the team, trying to preserve this valuable asset for the team and avoiding possible incompatibilities between personal commitments of the drivers and the demands of some competitions, we are proud to present the Positive Drivers Club.

This new division of Positive congregates active drivers linked to the team, taking up the torch of its precursor, the ‘iRacing Division’, and representing the team in national competitions. However, the Positive Drivers Club may be expanded to an international level. 

The first liveries of the ‘Positive Drivers Club’ are the historical colors of the team that started in iRacing almost five years ago.