iRacing Road Pro Series 2017. Rounds 1-4

The iRacing Pro series started this year with a last minute announcement of the organization, indicating that WC licenses would be given this year only to the top 10 drivers (instead of the top 20, as in the precedent years). This decision may affect to the expectative of the team for 2018, in terms of the number of drivers taking part in the World Championship. However, the 5 PSR drivers working for the initially expected 20 WC licenses, decided to take part in the championship.

The first rounds of the championship were as chaotic as expected, with a massive participation of drivers that usually are not seen in the official series. The anxiety for a good result since turn 1 generated a number of incidents and DNFs, affecting also to PSR drivers in some cases. The incidents at the start were of particular importance in Round 2 (Canada) and Round 3 (Silverstone).

The best result of PSR in this championship came in Round 4, in Suzuka. That race concluded with the first podium for Tommy Ostgaard, with Ricardo Orozco finishing in P4 and Jorge Montañés completing a triple top 10.

With this result, Tommy consolidates in P4 of the standings, while Ricardo is closing the gap with the top 10, after two DNF in the first two rounds. Jorge is also not far from the target. Manuel and Matteo could have a WC license if the rules of the last two years would not be changed, or at least would be announced in advance. However, the two drivers are still committed to do their best in the 6 remaining races.

Manuel Domingo in Montreal

PSR drivers in Silverstone

Excellent Q and start for three PSR cars in Round 4, Suzuka

Ricardo Orozco leads a group with drivers from 4 different teams (Positive SimRacing, Apex Racing UK, Coanda Simsport, and CORE Simracing)

Strong pace for the PSR cars in Suzuka