University Isabel I and Positive SimRacing confirm their alliance in eSports

29th/01/2018, Valladolid (Spain) - The University Isabel I and Positive SimRacing today announce their new partnership in eSports, starting with one of the most technologically advanced disciplines: sim racing.

Universidad Isabel I is a Spanish online university offering undergraduate and master’s degrees in addition to other postgraduate qualifications. Their recent introduction of the Center for Olympic Studies, together with the UNARD programme (University of high performance in sport) demonstrates their commitment to positioning themselves as experts for qualifications in sports related fields. This new alliance with the professional sim racing team, Positive SimRacing (PSR), marks the beginning of an expansion into electronic sports.

With this alliance, elite drivers will now be able to combine their studies with the participation in top-level competitions. Initially, this includes the iRacing World Championship GP Series.

This announcement reflects a change of ambition and approach for PSR, who will now benefit from new opportunities to support their drivers’ education and training, as well as the development of studies based on the use of driving simulators to maximise the performance of drivers in both formal motorsport and sim racing. 

The support of UI1 to PSR will bring other benefits for the team and the sim racing community in general. For example, it is foreseen that there will be an increase in the development of projects boosting car simulation technologies and their dissemination. This takes advantage of the potential that the university has in areas such as video game design (infography and 3D modeling, production and marketing of video games) and digital marketing (Community Management 2.0 and communication).

Javier Álvarez, owner of Positive SimRacing, commented, “We see this alliance as an historic milestone in simulation racing. We expect to generate added value, both for drivers dedicated to simulation, and to those taking part in real motorsport, who want to adhere to the programme. There are many disciplines that can have a positive impact on the performance of drivers and that we hope to apply, including psychology of the sport, mental control, techniques of professional communication and so on. We therefore expect to bring more partners and elite drivers to this alliance."

 El equipo continuará con el apoyo de Raman health Technolgies, Z1 Dashboard y Moddom, y con la asociación a Sim Racing Teams y a la international Sim Racing Federation.