Great result in Spa 24 h

UI1-Positive SimRacing completed a good weekend at Spa with 3 cars taking part in the event. The Audi UI1-Positive SimRacing Orange finished in P4, after an excellent race, and despite some minor incidents. This was a very good result for the team, only one step away of the podium clinched in Le Mans in 2017. But this time, the result has a great merit, considering the high level of the participation in the event. The other two cars finished in the top 25, despite they both were involved in incidents.

Our Blue car started the race in P14 and had a very strong performance in the start, climbing the grid progressively. After 1h they were already P11 and getting closer to the cars in front, lap after lap. Unfortunately, after 6h of race (already P9), they were touched by a lapped car and that caused severe damage to the car, compromising the possibility of another top10 result for the team! After the repairs, they got back in P41 and finished the 24h in a good P23!

The Mercedes of UI1-Positive SimRacing Green started the race in P35 and managed to gain lots of positions in the opening laps getting up to P25. Unfortunately after an hour and a half of the race, they were caught up in a big incident that was out of their control leaving them down in 50th place with damage. After everyone in the team putting in a great amount of effort they climbed up to P24 by the end of the race.

It was another very good experience for the team, which is now looking to the next event in Le Mans.