The UI1-PSR Rally Cross starts the road to WC

We are proud to officially present our Rally Cross team: Jonathan Robertson, Dani Mitrani Fenollosa, Otto Taskinen and Teemu Pohja. The team's goal is to reach the Red Bull Global Rallycross World Championship Series, and to consolidate in the championship during the next few years.

23 drivers earn licenses to compete in the iRacing Rallycross Word Championship Series. The drivers will compete to be crowned the World Champion and the winner will earn $10,000 cash.

But before that, the 2019 Season 1 iRacing Rallycross Series will be the sole qualifying series for entry into the iRacing Rallycross World Championship Series. This series will run as a standard official series. The season will have 12 Races, with 4 drop weeks. In 2019, the Top 13 points finishers will be considered for a Pro/WC license and entry into the World Championship. The team is already working to reach this world championship in 2019.