#eSportsDayUI1 2018 concludes with a great success

On Saturday 8th of September, the University Isabel I celebrated, with a great success, the #eSportsDayUI1. The headquarters of the university were the centre of the eSports, with different activities, including a sim racing race.

Gamers from different disciplines, including FIFA, Clash Royale and BGamers attended the event. However, press and audience put the main focus on sim racing. The UI1-PSR driver, Jorge Montañés, took part in live, in a online race with other participants from all over the world.

It was also a day of presentation for the companies that are already working in eSports with the University: Sociograph and Icon Multimedia. Specifically, Sociograph made an exhibition of its patented technology for monitoring the driver’s emotions and reactions during the race. Beyond real and virtual motorsport, this technology has proven to have many applications in Elite sport and Health. 

The international race of the #eSportsDayUI1, which was organized in collaboration with IRacing.es, was broadcasted by SimRacing.TV, with live interviews of the Rector of the university, representatives of the companies Sociograph, Icon Multimedia, the UI1-PSR driver Jorge Montañés, and the sports manager of the team: Javier Álvarez. This retransmission had to overcome a great number of technological challenges, but it can be said that it has been a milestone in the broadcasting of sim racing events. 

The day is a formal starting point for the university's journey in the field of eSports and a boost to the activities of our team UI1-PSR, particularly in the field of research and technological development.