iRacing World Championship GP Series. Season Recap


The World Championship GP Series 2018 finished after 14 intense rounds of elite sim racing. Since the first races, the drivers of UI1-Positive SimRacing showed a good pace, always racing close to the top 20. The team showed a good improvement over the last few months before the championship, and also a huge potential to fight for good results, which were the main good aspects of the first rounds.

The pace was always promising in the first rounds, and only small incidents during the first laps prevented the team to clinch better results. Ricardo had some difficult races in the 4 first rounds, probably because this was his first season in the WC (he couldn't see the checkered flag in the 4 first rounds). At that moment, end of the round 4, the positions of the UI1-PSR drivers in the championship standings were not according to the pace and the level showed in the races. Ricardo Orozco was in P32 and Daniel Bida in P30. This however did not discouraged us to keep working and committing to improve in the next races, as it happened.

The fate of the UI1-PSR championship changed in Round 5, Monza, where the UI1-Positive SimRacing drivers made a double top P15. Since that round, the team was consistently racing in the top 20, with the 3 cars in the top 20 in Round 7 (Silverstone), which was a big step forward, again. In the round 8, Ricardo Orozco clinched the first Top 10 for UI1-Positive SimRacing in the World Championship, which was a historic milestone for the team. This top 10 was not by chance: in the next round Ricardo would finish in P12, close again to the top 10, and he would finish close or within the top 15 consistently during the next races.

With these results, Ricardo reached the two last rounds fighting with another 4 - 5 drivers for the top 20. However, he completed a good race at Spa, finishing in P13, and virtually securing the top 20 in the overall standings.

Daniel did not take part in several races, for personal commitments, but he joined the competition for the last round, and both UI1-PSR cars could be in the Circuit of the Americas, to complete a good championship and proving that the team has made an step forward. We are convinced that developing talent is the way to succeed and the team is committed to keep doing this for the future, and to keep this trend of improvement.

Thanks to our sponsors during the championship: the University Isabel I, Raman Health Tcehnologies; and our partners Z1BlueSoftware, Moddom, TrackCams for Gourmets, and Studio3T.