Neo Endurance - Round 2

The NEO Endurance is one of the most prestigious championships in the iRacing calendar. UI1-Positive SimRacing entered this year with three cars: 2 LMP1, and 1 HPD. It is always difficult to adapt to a new championship, but after three rounds, the team is showing his pace and improving. technical issues however have had an impact in the results during these first rounds.  

The third round took place at the COTA circuit. It was an eventful race for the team. The UI1-Positive SimRacing LMP1 #28 and the LMP1 #27 started from P8 and P13, respectively. Both had a safe start and first laps. Riccardo Schiavon made two excellent good stints, which helped to a good progression of the LMP1 #28, scaling up to P4 in this first stage of the race. After one hour of race, the LMP1 #28 was in a brilliant P4, but unfortunately, the LMP1 #27 had hardware issues, and the car was relegated to P14, which will be its position at the end of the race. The HPD #45 started in P7, but Glenn Key and Renan Azeredo quickly showed a good pace, racing close to the top 5 during the first part of the race.

After 2 hours of racing, a double podium was not so far: the LMP1 #28 was racing in P4 with Danilo Piazza, while the HPD #45 was in P5 in its class. This was perhaps the best conclusion of the round: a good pace and a good management of the traffic in the most difficult part of the race.
In the next two hours, the race was more difficult for the LMP1 #45, which lost two positions, probably because a better strategy at pit and some very fast stints of our competitors. In the last two stints, the car was taken by Justin Richesin that was involved in some issues with the traffic, and still a minor issue at the pit entry, finishing in 8th.
It was also a very difficult last part of the race for the HPD #45, because Renan Azeredo experienced serious hardware issues, dropping his times up to 3 seconds per lap. Glenn took the car to the end, but the time lost comprised the possibilities of the HPD.
The race finished with a double P8 for both, the LMP1 #28 and the HPD #45.