Neo Endurance - Round 3

Exciting racing in the Round 3 of the NEO Endurance championship. We lead the Prototype 2 class for most of the race, but incurred a bit of damage that hampered our overall pace and knew that our gap would vanished before the end. The fate of the cars in the Prototype 1 was different, with another consistent finish for the UI1-Positive SimRacing Black, and an unfortunate DNF for the Green car.

We were confident with our possibilities in the Prototype 2 class. Glenn Keystarted in P7, but he soon showed that the car has a strong pace, as he was soon in the top 4, and P3 at the first stop, on lap 40. Thanks to the strategy, the car started the second stint in P2, and Glenn managed to take the lead and open a gap beyond 25 sec. The race became very complicated when, as a result of a net code, the car was damaged at the start of the second stint. Daniel Benefield struggled to keep the lead, the pace was not optimal and the consumption was too high. We lead the race until lap 173, with approx 1.5 hours to the end. But with a damaged car and higher fuel consumption, we only could finish in P5. It was an exciting race where we showed that we can fight for the victory.

Riccardo Schiavon, Justin Richesin and Danilo Piazza put the UI1-Positive SimRacing car in P8 after a very consistent race, with no major incidents. Despite a bad Qualy, the car started in P16, the UI1-PSR drivers could close the gap and gain 8 positions during the race. The pace overall in the car was good, but the shortfall was bad luck with traffic in the middle part of the race which resulted in Team Black losing time to the cars in front.

The LMP1 UI1-Positive SimRacing Green Car qualified in P10, and Yannick Ongena gained some positions at the start, but the traffic was really hard, and an early incident implied an early stop and a change in the strategy. Ricardo Cagnacci Orozco took the car in the second stint and matched the pace of the Black car, but close to the end of the race, an incident on the main straight ended the race. It was, however, a good experience for the WCGPS F1 driver Ricardo Orozco being this car for the first time, showing a good adaptation and a performance.

With the addition of new drivers and a new engineer to the LMP1 section to help strengthen the group, look out for UI1-Positive SimRacing LMP’s to make steps in performance in the coming Endurance Rounds.