Pro Qualifiers 2019 - Round 1

Round 01 of the iRacing 2019 Pro Qualifier in Road Atlanta concluded after three exciting races. We are satisfied of our pace, but a bit disappointed with the results, with a P16 and two disconnections for the UI1-Positive SimRacing Orange car, and a P20 and 2 DNF for the UI1-Positive SimRacing Blue.

The most difficult race was the third one, when Jake Burton, after making a good Q lap and starting in P11, was disconnected, and Javi Utreras took the car with almost 2 laps down. Javi lap times were similar to the leaders, but the gap was huge. Renan Azeredo was also disconnected in the second race, and therefore, the first race was the best result, where the car started in P14 and finished in P16.

The Blue car made good races as well, but his fate was determined by the results in the Q sessions, as we couldn't start in the front package. In the first race, the we decided to start from the pits, to avoid any possible damage in a potentially eventful first lap. Adaildo Vieira put very good laps and closed the gap soon. But we had to push, and later, Guilherme Buzato had to assume risks, and we DNF. The second race was a bit better, but only a P20 at the end. Third race was the most promising, with a good pace, even avoiding risks, Roy Kolbe put the Q lap, and the race was going well, but a Ferrari lost the control some meters in front of Bradlee Haley, and it was an unavoidable and bitter DNF.

Despite the high level of the field, we are extremely confident in delivering very good results in the next rounds. The luck was not in our hands in Road Atlanta, but statistics say that it will be compensated during the whole championship. The next track is Monza, one of the most exciting tracks for racing. We already started the work and we hope to work hard to come stronger. All the drivers and staff of UI1-Positive SimRacing wish you a Merry Christmas and an excellent New year!

Thanks to our sponsors and partners Universidad Isabel I, ZBlueSoftware!