VRS GT Endurance Qualifiers - Round 3

The third round of the Endurance Pro Qualifiers was preceded by unexpected and controversial decisions, including modifications of the car performances and confirmation of changes of rules, compared to lasts years’ rules (i.e., car changes during the championship). These decisions arrived only few days before the race, and made this round one of the most difficult for the teams.

Most of the teams changed the car to the Porsche GTE, with an absolutely dominant performance in Brands Hatch, but we had spent hundreds of hours of testing with the Ford GTE and due to personal commitments of the drivers during the last days before the race, we had to stay with a car that was not as competitive for this track. To conclude, after our P4 in Monza, we only could expect bad news from Brands Hatch, and our expectations were to leave this round at least alive in the championship, avoiding too big of a loss in the standings.

Mission accomplished by our Blue car, with Adaildo Vieira, Bradlee Haley, and Roy Kolbe racing this week, and clinching an excellent P10, given the circumstances. On the other hand, the Orange car could not get more than a P19, after the P4 in round 2. Jake Burton, Javi Utreras and Renan Azeredo did a good job, but the car was not competitive enough with traffic. The first race was perhaps the best one, with Jake gaining more than 20 positions in the first stints, thanks to other cars’ incidents. But the number of incidents in that race was so high, that our car DNF’d.

Another last minute decision will palliate this result, as a drop week has been introduced in the standings. After 3 of the 6 rounds completed, our cars are in P27 and P36, while the top 25-27 cars are expected to get the license for the next World Championship. We face an uncertain championship, but we will try to work hard to maximize our possibilities in the next rounds.