Our team will be in the in the iRacing Rallycross World Championship

The iRacing Rallycross World Championship is the highest level competition in this series in sim Racing, with the world's 24 best drivers. This year, two of those drivers belong to the UI1-Positive SimRacing team. the championship is very interesting, as it involves drivers wit hexperience in real life competitions, such as Mitchell DeJong, Tomi Hallman and Sami-Matti Trogen (the champion of the latest RX Academy). In addition, the runner-up in the last edition of the iRacing World Championship (Joni Heikkinen) is already at the RX Academy already developing his professional career.

Along with these 4 drivers with professional experience, 2 drivers of UI1-Positive SimRacing will compete: The Spaniard Dani Mitrani Fenollosa and the Finnish Otto Taskinen. Both will be supported in the preparation of the races by two other drivers of the team: Teemu Pohja and Ilari Lamminsivu. To reach the world championship, Otto and Dani have had to finish in the top 11 of the official iRacing Rallycross series, which have been held over the past 12 weeks. Both have completed a great performance in the official series: Otto finished on the podium and Dani in seventh position.

Rallycross: The best races for the audience

Rallycross is a discipline for those who say that motorsport is boring: races of only 5 -10 laps to very short circuits, with jumps, track sections of dirt and other of asphalt... IN the World Championship, three 5 lap races are organized, and the top two of them go to the final directly, the rest compete in two consolation races and the top two of them also join the final. The final race, with the top 10 drivers is ten laps and determines the final standings.

iRacing World Championship. How to follow the races

The 2019 World Championship will have 9 rounds, every Saturday, from October 5 thyme to November 30, at 17:45 GMT (19:45 CET time in daylight saving time and an hour later in winter time). The races are broadcasted by twitch.tv/iracing.

This is the team's first participation in the World Rallycross Championship and the challenge will be to finish in the top 10, ensuring our participation in the next year World Championship. However, the main objective will be to gain experience and continue to consolidate the team, making a next step for the future. UI1-Positive SimRacing was also at the iRacing F1 World Championship in its last three editions and is preparing its participation in the endurance iRacing World Championship qualifiers, which will take place early next Year.

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