Another UI1-PSR driver to test a real racing car

The gap from simulation racing to the real tracks is becoming smaller and smaller. If a few years ago a sim racer testing a racecar was an exceptional event, the success of virtual drivers in real competitions and the rise of sim racing, is favouring that more virtual drivers debut every day in a race car. A few months ago we presented the experience of our driver Glenn Key, testing a Porsche, and subsequently completed two races in the Formula Nordic championship in Scandinavia. This week, one  of our drivers is testing a Porsche at the Interlagos circuit in Brazil. He is doing it after finishing second in the Porsche eSports Carrera Cup Brasil championship with our team's virtual car. In fact, the team had a great visibility in the championship, with 3 drivers in the top 5. Today, we interview Renán Azeredo to learn more about this experience.

Q: Congratulations, Renan ¿How do you feel after this achievement?

I feel great, for me, for the team, for the sponsors. It was a very tough competition against the best Brazilian drivers. That said, I’m very proud and extremelly happy to be able to get to this level and bring this result for all of us.

Q: How was the championship (How many races)? And How did you prepare the races? Is it important to be a part of a team even if you race individually?

The event was divided in 2 endurance races and 2 sprint races. The endurance races was a team event, so I split the car with the other PSR driver Adaildo Vieira and we both manage to win the first race. The sprint races were solo events. Those last two sprint races even being individually, the team preparation was very important. We had 3 cars racing and the communication and preparation were very important as a team.We’ve done more than 1000 laps combined to extract the best out of us and the car. Hard work always pays off.

Q:How was the championship for other teammates?
Adaildo finish in 4th place overall, just 1 point behind 3rd place. Eduardo Borgert finished 5th place overall. So, we put 3 cars in the top 5 spots.

Q: How was the competition within the team? And with competitors from other teams?
The competition inside is very healthy and helpful. We have only high level drivers, so it’s set a good parameter for us to keep getting better and better. There’s no ego, this is very important.
The other drivers is already very well know for us, the races were fierce and tough, but always clean and respectful.

Q: You have some experience in karting and sim racing, but now you are going to test a Porsche in a historical track. Do you think your experience will be useful?
I hope so! Haha. Serious, I believe that it will be very helpful. The racing sims is very very similar to the real deal, so, I think I can put the experience that I have in good use behind a wheel of a racing car.

Q: What do you expect from the test in Interlagos?
It’s a dream of a life time. Since I was 5 yers old I dreamed about racing cars, in how does it feel to drive one and now, thanks to Porsche and UI1 Positive Sim Racing I get the chance to drive one in a historical race track. So, I expect a lot of emotions and a lot of speed!

Q: You were ready to fight for a position in the iRacing Endurance World Champinoship, but it was discontinued this year. What are your next goals with the team? We wish you all the best for this new year, Renan. Good luck in Interlagos!
My goal is to be WC driver for PSR. We’ll have later this year the pre qualification for 2020 WC championship. For sure I’ll be there fighting for PSR to secure a spot in a WC competition!