Next steps after 5 consecutive titles in FR3.5


The iRacing Formula Renault 3.5 has been one of the most prominent formula cars in service during these last two years. Formula cars are in our DNA, and our commitment with the FR3.5 proves it. PSR driver Tim Delisle has secured the last five consecutive titles, which must be considered an outstanding achievement. José Pleguezuelos (currently racing for PSR) previously won the second season in 2019. Hence, current PSR drivers have won 6 out of the 8 official seasons since this car was launched in iRacing.

But this is not all: Our team has 3 additional podiums, and two additional top 5s in these championships, thanks to the results clinched by Greg Olson and Lubomir Moric. In addition, our team was the winner of the Formula League of the competitive Spanish Driver's Parade Championship in 2020 (José Pleguezuelos and Greg Olson) and the winner of the first edition of the eFormula Series Championship (Lubomir Moric and Javier Álvarez).

But life goes on, and iRacing has recently launched the iRacing Dallara iR-01 - a car to be used in a future World Championship. We want to start our work for the next World Championship, as we have taken part in the last three iRacing F1 World Championships. This means that our main focus in the near future will be the iR-01, and therefore we need to temporarily park the FR 3.5, with some exceptions, including the 2021 edition of the Driver's Parade Formula Championship, and the second edition of the eFormula Series, as we defend the title in both championships.