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World Championships and World Cups


The iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series features the world's most elite eSport competition. Road sim-racers compete on simulated versions of the actual real-world tracks around the world in the McLaren-Honda MP4-30 – used in the 2015 Formula 1 Season. Only the best 50 drivers of the world hold a WC license, and from them, only 35 can qualify to each race, wich gives an idea of the level of the competition. In 2018, Positive SimRacing will take part for the third consecutive year, in an extremely competitive championship, which is reserved only for a very few teams in the world. [Broadcasts]



Niel & Egil Organisation (NEO), founded in 2012, is an online virtual racing league with focus on multiclass endurance races as realistic as it can get. NEO racing uses the iRacing Motorsports Simulation software as its platform to organise race events. The organization is an umbrella for the NEO Endurance run in the first part of 2013 and the later coming NEO Endurance Series (NES). These series have a demanding qualifying competition, to assign the team’s entries. UI1-PSR takes part in Prototype 1 (LMP1) and Prototype 2 (HPD). [More info & Broadcasts]



The Skip Barber 2K World Cup is one of the most recognised and most challenging open-wheel formula car championships. The Skip Barber Formula 2000 has played a vital role in launching the careers of drivers including Juan Pablo Montoya or Jeff Gordon, and the competition with the electronic version of this car brings together top sim racers in the most exciting racing. Positive SimRacing is the winner of the 2017-1 championship and is recognised also as one of the traditionally best teams in the series. [Broadcasts]


Apex Online of Formula Renault 2.0 Championship is an international  Championship with a broad audience, thanks to a live broadcast through The SimRacing Global Channel (GSRC). The Championship format consists of rounds of two short races, which take place the Friday nights. The Formula Renault 2.0 features a 210bhp engine and a sequential gearbox, offering a very high performance and great racing. [Broadcasts]

The Sports Car Open is one of the most competitive racing leagues, which is organised by CoRe SimRacing on the Motorsports Simulation service. The series utilise a selection of prototype and grand touring cars in a team-based, multiclass series running circuits from all around the world. Sports Car Open events feature three different classes of cars: Prototype, Prototype Challenge and grand Touring. UI1-Positive SimRacing takes part in LMP1 and GT classes.  [More Info & Broadcasts]

Official Series

The iRacing Grand Prix Series are perhaps the most demanding categories in iRacing. Using a Formula 1 car, these series meet the best drivers, aiming to participate in the World Championship GPS. Even if this is an individual championship, the role of the teams is critical for the drivers, in terms of car and driver preparation. Positive SimRacing has won 3 of the 7 official seasons that have taken place since the McLaren MP4-30 was presented in iRacing. [Road Pro Series Broadcasts]




The VRS Endurance Series is the most representative series with GT cars. The Sprint Series are suitable for individual drivers, while the Blancpain Endurance Series are exclusive for team racing, with a compulsory driver swap during the race. These are one of the most competitive official series in iRacing, and the last step before the Blancpain GT World Championship.




The formula Renault is an open wheel, weighting 565 kg (driver included) included and a power of 195 CV. The formula Renault is a step before Formula 1, being one of the most competitive series, due to the high participation. In our team, these series are considered the first step for the preparation of drivers towards their future participation in the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix series.

Red Bull Global Rallycross brings Rallycross’s unique style of combined dirt and asphalt racing and tight, fender-to-fender racing. Red Bull GRC has an exciting new race format – heat racing. Just as in the real world series, the heat format combines multiple short races where competitors battle to qualify for the final.