Victory and double podium in the DPC Formula Championship

Jose Pleguezuelos Langa wins the 2020 DriversParade Club Formula Championship 2020, with Greg Olson finishing in the third position. 

This has been a thrilling and a very competitive championship, involving the best Spanish drivers and teams, where we took the victory for only 1 point in the driver's standings last race. The championship didn't had a good start for the team, despite Greg and Jose showed they were among the fastest drivers. However, Gio Cortesse from Carbono eSports took the pole + victory in the two first races. Jose Pleguezuelos finished in P2 in both races, but that implied a considerable gap of 37 points to close in three remaining races (+ one drop week). 

Greg took the victory in third round, and Jose in the fifth round, after an amazing performance of our two drivers in the Circuit of Catalunya.

This left the gap in only 6 points for the final round , in Nürbirgring. There Jose could finish in an excellent second position, winning the championship for a single point.

Excellent job from all the team and amazing job from Jose and Greg!

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